Beyond TV Kids Went Caving!


Caves! They have been used for so many purposes in the past – not just by animals but by humans (admittedly another form of animal, higher or lower will depend on whether you are an optimist or a pessimist) – as shelter, hiding place, burial ground, sacred site, storage, recreation and in recent years as the source of specimens on climate change and other scientific studies.

Last September 12 Beyond TV brought kids as young as 6 years old on a caving adventure. Our aim? Nothing less than to show these kids, the future of our country, the importance, beauty and fragility of the cave ecosystem.

We at Beyond TV have high hopes that in the future when such natural resources are in danger, they will remember that they once enjoyed such a unique environment . That they will be motivated enough to get involved in conservation measures. That they will hesitate to harm and even violently oppose the degradation of our natural resources.

Of course, as with all Beyond TV adventures, we couldn’t resist adding other fun activities such as swimming for the munchkins and river trekking for the older age groups. We also added a visit to Macahambus Gorge

Both elements of fun and challenge are always closely intertwined during a BTV event. Some of the kids  expressed reservations about entering the caves, but were able to conquer their fear of the dark and the unknown with just a little encouragement. We are awed by the resilience and curiosity of your kids. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to be with them at this crucial point in their development. Rest assured that we are taking this responsibility seriously.



  1. Thank you Beyond TV. My son came home with lots of stories about his adventure. He is very reserve and shy before but now he has more confidence and Im sure after every activity more knowledge about the environment, the world and life in general. So much more to learn outside the 4 walls of the classroom, beyond the home and beyond TV. We look forward to more adventures with you. Keep up the good work.

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