Beyond TV went to the Mangroves!

Last August 15, 2015, Beyond TV brought your kids to the Mangrove Forest in Alubijid, Misamis Oriental.

We met up with your kids and transported them to the site. Everyone was in high spirits.

Before anything else, we made sure that your kids had their personal flotation devices on, and knew the behaviors expected of them to keep them safe …

… And then we turned them loose.

They had so much fun paddling around and exploring the mangrove area!

They even picked their own propagules (with the help of the awesome manong bangkeros)…

… before planting them.

They learned about the importance of mangroves and the creatures that thrive in it.


They swam …

Clambered up and down and enjoyed the boardwalk..

Pretended they were adventurers/seafarers/explorers on the raft…

And most of all, we hope they realized that there was a different way of life less than an hour away from their homes – a coastal community (one of the many that dot our shores) that serves as a guardian to the mangrove forests so important to our earth’s survival.


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