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A day of exploration, learning and challenging activities await your children during our discovery events! We plan our activities age-appropriately, with your children’s safety foremost in our minds. All our dayscovery events are within an hour’s drive of Cagayan de Oro City.

Environmental Awareness Series

The series emphasizes the importance of our natural environment in sustaining life. Our kids will explore nearby habitats such as forests, mangroves, the ocean, caves, and rivers while engaging in activities such as hiking, tree climbing, kayaking, river rafting, abseiling, snorkeling, caving, swimming and SCUBA diving (special activity). Our goal is to show children the fun to be had in the great outdoors while at the same time encourage them to be sensitive to the ways in which their behavior and decisions impact our planet.

Knowledge Series

Kids learn best when they use all their senses and are actively involved in the learning process. We aim to supplement the school curricula by providing an atmosphere where decision making, analytical thinking and problem solving have immediate consequences that children can reflect on.
Outdoor “lessons” include the basics of:
Practical skills
the parts of a bicycle and how bicycles work, what is inside the hood of a car and how
engines work, plumbing
pulley, lever and wheel systems, applications of wind turbines, water
turbines and solar energy, building ram pumps
First Aid
what to do when encountering an unconscious person, a person who is choking, wounds, burns, and
fractures, stocking a real first aid (non-commercial) kit
how batteries work and building basic circuits
Architecture and design
designing simple structures (e.g. a treehouse), map making and cartography
astronomy and stargazing, reading a map and compass, radio orienteering
speleogeology while doing actual caving, mineralogy while handling real minerals
Philippine flora and fauna, rope tying, fire building, putting up a tent, and other skills needed when
camping outdoors

Some of the components of the knowledge series will be incorporated into our other series.

Sports Series

Having fun in a competitive way is the objective of our sports series. Working together to achieve a common goal, becoming a good leader and follower, not giving up but also accepting defeat gracefully are skills that will stand kids in good stead during their adult years. Our activities include mini triathlons (swimming, running, biking), urban challenges (learning how to use public transportation while going from one cultural monument to another), treasure hunting, and individual sports such as indoor and outdoor climbing, softball and ultimate Frisbee.

Cooking Series

Food is one of the things that connects us all. And cooking is an activity that can teach kids mathematics and measuring, involve them in experimentation, bring out creativity, and instill in them the satisfaction of bringing into existence a product of their own making. Filipino, Thai food, outdoor cooking, baking and pastry making will be included. Cooking and eating to preserve a healthy body, community and planet will be emphasized.

Food and Food Production Series

One of the greatest challenges we face now is feeding 6 billion people on the planet without exhausting our planet’s reserves. Children will be exposed to various forms of sustainable food production methods with the goal of showing them the connection between growing food and good diets. They will be interacting with and learning from the communities responsible for putting food on our grocery shelves and tables such as rice farmers, fishermen, pineapple, banana and coconut growers, vegetable farmers, and poultry producers. Cooking classes are also incorporated.

Construction Series

This series emphasizes the joy and satisfaction that children can get when creating something with their own hands. While children build fun and exciting projects – such as tree houses, a community toilet, mini dams, ram pumps, outdoor tables and chairs – they will also be empowered to become independent thinkers and learn valuable concepts such as abstract reasoning, mathematics, problem solving, fine motor skills and (hopefully) patience. The mechanics of the electrical circuit, wind turbines, water turbines and solar energy will also be incorporated.

Culture and the Arts Series

This series aims to stimulate and exercise the activity of the brain’s right hemisphere, an area frequently ignored in our schools. Our kids will be exposed to and learn handicrafts-making, indigenous arts and cultural immersion, outdoor and landscape photography, theater and performance expression, and creative writing. Museum and archaeology tours will be included. Kids will be shown that there are multiple ways of viewing things, and often more than one right answer to complex questions. They will also be learning how to think creatively, observe carefully, and be unafraid to express a personal voice.

Community Service and Social Awareness Series

The importance of contributing to the community while still young builds strength of character and confidence. It also instills an attitude of gratitude and social responsibility, thus developing emotional intelligence. We are partnering with government schools, orphanages and local government units to involve our children in various charitable activities such as book drives, orphanage drives and coastal and neighborhood cleanups.

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