What do our kids need to bring on the activities?

A sense of fun and adventure! Comfortable outdoor clothing that can get dirty will be needed. No jeans if possible. During hikes closed toe shoes are advisable. During water activities a swimsuit and towel will be needed. Always have your kids bring water bottles. Bring your own meals (lunches and/or snacks) is usually the norm except during camps. Activity-specific gear (ropes, tents, personal flotation devices, scuba equipment) will be provided for.

What if it rains?

Our activities will push through even when it rains, except when it is a danger to do so. All registered participants will be informed beforehand if any of our activities get cancelled due to inclement weather, and you will be able to reschedule.

May parents join their kids on the activities?

Because we aim to instill independence and a do-it-yourself attitude as well as develop decision making skills in our kids, parent participation is not encouraged except when specified. However, you can meet and mingle with our kids and the Beyond TV staff before and after each activity.

Since your activities are in the outdoors, what are the risks involved?

When working in the outdoors, there are always hazards and associated risks involved. This is why we always check out the venues we bring our kids to beforehand. We make sure that our kids (and facilitators!) are fully briefed on the nature of the activity and give them the skills and resources needed to be able to manage these risks. Our activities are always age-appropriate and our instructors qualified in doing risk identification, assessment and reduction.

What is your child-to-facilitator ratio?

For the 6-8 and 9-11 age group, our ratio is 1 facilitator to 6 kids. For the 12 and above age group our ratio is 1 facilitator to 12 kids.

What if my kid has special medical conditions (developmental disabilities, asthma, epilepsy)?

Your child will have to be cleared by the appropriate medical professional before he joins any of our activities. This is to ensure maximum safety.

What about refunds?

If your kids are unable to go on your reserved dates, you can reschedule on some other date as long as slots are not filled. If no other dates are available for your preferred activities, 50% of the payment will be returned to you.

What emergency procedures does Beyond TV camps have in case of an accident or illness?

Our staff are trained in Basic First Aid and CPR. We follow established medical policy and emergency procedures. Our facilitators carry a first aid kit at all times, and a more fully stocked emergency kit is available on site for more serious injuries. If further medical assistance is required we will call the parent(s) and take the child to the nearest hospital from our event site.

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