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Overnight, Weekend, and Summer Camps (ages 9 and above)

Our camps give children a chance to unplug from the sometimes overly scheduled and overly structured routines of school and the home. Camps give them a break from TV, cell phones, and the internet, thereby rediscovering their creative powers and engaging with real people and real activities in the real world of nature.

Camps also give them a place to move around – climbing trees, running, swimming, hiking. Opportunities to enhance their artistic talents – writing, making music, drawing, painting – will be plentiful. This makes it easy for kids to discover what they like and what they can do. Our camps expand every child’s abilities.

In our camps kids are encouraged to conquer their fears because we provide challenging but safe activities, making it a great environment to experience successes and become more confident. Our camps are a great place to make friends and boost social skills – to get things done our kids will have to cooperate and communicate with each other.

Because they will be away from their parents and in the hands of trained facilitators, our camps will help develop children’s independence and decision making abilities, life skills best learned early.

Our camps are a great place to be!

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