Sept. 26: River Trekking

2015 river trekking

For the 6-8 year old age group, a trek to a river is in store, starting at Dao in Mapawa Nature Park. We will be illustrating Leave No Trace Principles so your kids can learn to minimize their impact on the trail. Along the way, your children are going to learn about the nature of light by manipulating prisms. Magnifying glasses will also be given to them so they can look at nature up close.

We aim to highlight the interesting flora and fauna of Mapawa Nature Park. Your children can then take a dip and swim in a natural (shallow) pool to cool off from the hike. After the swim, we will be going back to the Dao area where they can freshen up before we do games which will help them process the activity.

For the 9-11 and 12 above age group, we will be bringing your kids river trekking along the Mapawa River. The 9-11 age group will end at Mintugsok Falls (an approximately 2 km hike) while the above 12 age group will be proceeding to another waterfall – Puntol Falls – after enjoying the view at Mintugsok Falls (approximately 3 km). Both groups will have the opportunity to swim. PFDs will be provided.

Leave No Trace Principles, e.g. the importance of proper preparation, minimizing impact on the trail, and respecting wildlife and co-trekkers, will be incorporated in the activity. Along the way, your kids will see a lot of inviting natural pools, picturesque basalt, green slate and granite rocks where they can do some rock scrambling, and the vegetation along both river banks.

They will hear the sound of birds and other animals, and all throughout, the different sounds the river will make as it tumbles, rushes, meanders along. Before we go back, your kids will have a chance to swim in the natural pools found below both waterfalls.

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