Special Projects

DAYSCOVERY SCUBA (ages 10 and above)

scuba divingOur planet is 70% ocean and yet the nearest that most of our kids will get to it is the fish on their table, a TV show, or the artificial environment of an aquarium.

Our discover scuba diving program gives kids 10 years old and above an opportunity to see for themselves the wonders found underneath our oceans while in the capable hands of an accomplished PADI scuba diving instructor who is enthusiastic about teaching children. The program is comprised of three parts:

Knowledge development – participants are given a brief background on the physics and physiology of scuba diving

Shallow water dive – participants are given time to practice scuba skills they need when doing the actual dive, in water shallow enough for participants to stand in. This is where the kids get up close and personal with their scuba gear

Actual dive – participants will be brought to the dive site in Agutayan Reef, Jasaan where they get to dive to a maximum depth of 12 meters (40 feet).

All equipment will be provided for.

Mountain Hiking (ages 9 and above)

mountain hikingAside from the advantages of physical exercise and the opportunity to disconnect from a busy world, climbing a mountain teaches our kids early on truths about life that sometimes we as adults learn too late. One, that one step leading to another will get you further than staying still. All you really need to do is keep on walking to get where you want to be. Two, that the wisest way to travel (through life and up a mountain) is to carry just what you need. Three, that people have gone on the path before you, and people will come after you so it is best to take care of the mountain (and relationships, and everything else, really) and leave it just as, or better than, you found it.

Our climbing trips to nearby mountains (Mt. Hibok Hibok in Camiguin, Mt.Sumalayagon in Alubijid among others) are always an overnight activity. Kids will be under the supervision of experienced mountain guides all throughout. Group equipment will be provided for.

River Rafting with Overnight Camp (ages 9 and above)

river raftingRiver rafting on the Cagayan de Oro River is a pursuit that people from all over the world come to take part in, and no wonder – the challenge of our rapids and the sheer beauty of our river is surpassed only by a few others. Add to this an overnight camping experience and your kids will have something to talk about for the rest of their lives. Areas of the river deemed age-appropriate and safe for this activity will be chosen carefully by our trained river guides. Your children’s safety is always uppermost in our minds.

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